środa, 11 stycznia 2017

9/2017 Jak ukraść dziecko, czyli dlaczego powinno się zamykać drzwi.

Chwilowo tylko po angielsku, jak będę miała troszkę czasu pojawi się i polska wersja :)

strony: 342
ocena: 4,5/5 ☆
Data publikacji książki: 10.01.2017
przeczytana: 11.01.2017

I received copy for free from netgalley.com in exchange of an honest review.
Meghan an Jon seem to have everything: they are young, in love, have their own home, good jobs, and the most important thing - they got blessed with child, a boy named Harry. But not all is as it seems... Harry was born with potentially deadly disease - even something simple as common cold could end up killing him.
Everything starts on the day of their third anniversary. First, there is some lady with Cornish accent standing over Harry when Meghan was with him shopping and left him alone for a few seconds. Next there is mysterious golden Volvo parked nearby their home. What worse, there is a child snacher in town.
Then happens unthinkable: someone takes Harry from his room. Police is looking for him, but there isn't much they can do. When it seems nothing more can go wrong Jon first accuses Meghan that she has affair with neighbor, Treve, then, when she doesn't confess to it, he hits her and leaves.
When her marriage seems to come to an end, she onece again sees golden Volvo. She follows the car, and at the end of journey learns the truth about kidnapping. She gets her child back (how could it be otherwise?) and learns how to live after what happened.
It suprised me how Meghan and Jon had completely different reactions to kidnapping. Especially Jon. Sure, he cried a little at the beginning but later he seemed so detached, that I started wondering if he was somewhat guilty? And that Cornish accent - I was sure it was a clue, but it didn't really come into play till later. I can honestly say that I suspected the right pearson, but wasn't expecting the ending. Overall good job ;)
What to know what exactly happened and who was the kidnapper? I urge you to read the book, you won't be disappointed.

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